It has been a great month for our youth and young adults! We finished our True Love Waits
Project bible study and finished it with a special ceremony. We had 16 to participate in the
ceremony and 19 students go through this powerful study. It was a joy to see all the families and
friends represented to support these amazing young people. I was so moved seeing God’s love
and power poured over these students.Thank you to all that helped make this a special night.
People at school and work have asked our young people about their rings. It has been a time for
them to witness about sexual purity in our community. We have others interested in our
community about doing another class. Please be in prayer about this opportunity.They are
growing in their faith and being the light of Christ in our community. We went to see the movie I
Can Only Imagine to start off spring break. We closed the end of the month with a glow in the
dark easter egg hunt and a devonital of Jesus being the light in our lives. I am thankful that my
family and I are moved in! I am looking forward to seeing what God has instore for our young