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Eclectic United Methodist Church



To all who need comfort
To all who need friendship
To those who are lonely and need companionship
To all who want shelter and love
To those who sin and need a Savior
To those who would serve the living God
And whosoever will, we open our doors wide in the name of Jesus and say

We gather to give thanks to the One who has given us Christ Jesus and through Him, all things. Our goal is to rejoice before the Lord, to support one another in prayer and to challenge one another to live as children of God in our daily lives. We believe the Christian life is the most rewarding, demanding and fulfilling life possible. Your Presence in a worship service is a blessing we hope to enjoy soon.

Statement of Purpose

The Eclectic United Methodist Church is a body of born again believers seeking to know what God would have us do through an obedient response and commitment to the Great Commission by:

* EXALTING Christ in our worship, celebration and prayer, and experiencing the joy of God’s family together.

* EQUIPPING people for effective living through appropriate education, the nurturing of spiritual growth, and the exercising of spiritual gifts.

* EXTENDING God’s love to our world and offering His gift of eternal life.