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Eclectic United Methodist Church


Kids of Courage


  • 3rd – 6th Grade
  • Lead by Brandy Vittore
  • Room 10
  • Sunday mornings, 9:30 am
  • Arrive a little earlier for a FABULOUS FREE breakfast
    prepared by our Methodist Men, Starting at 9 am

Current Focus/Study:

Kids Experiencing God at Home – Kids Activity Book is a set of nine booklets that are packed with games, puzzles, and activities to engage kids in discovering how they can experience God in their everyday lives. Each week kids take their booklet home to complete assignments on their own, or with parents. In class, kids utilize a decoder wheel to crack the code of each session’s study. Experiencing God at Home, Kids Edition shows kids how they can discover and join God in His work. The study is based on the writings of Henry Blackaby and the seven realities of Experiencing God.